PURE JOY EVERY DAY, at Haute Glue December 2018

Installation Statement:

Friends of Alice Gadzinski knew her exceptional ability to detect and amplify the bizarre within the familiar. George Wylesol and Cole Chickering, both artists and friends of Alice, share her simultaneous attraction and repulsion to the peculiarities of our overdesigned and overstuffed world. Like Alice, they draw inspiration from these themes, each to different creative ends.
Early on in her residency at the Creative Alliance, Alice invited George and Cole to share in her final exhibition, with the idea of making it a group show. The planning for this show was cut short by her illness, and so we are left to speculate what might have been. George and Cole agreed to continue on with this collaborative spirit, and have published the risograph Pure Joy Every Day. Cole wrote short stories, and George created illustrations and the print design. Pure Joy Every Day aims to honor Alice by channeling her captivation with traditionally female-inspired narratives, and merging it with her love of the abject, trashy, and disposable.